The necessary natural ingredients required for hair regrowth

The necessary natural ingredients required for hair regrowth

A lot of encouraging information is already widely available on the internet on how to grow hair naturally in the case where both men and women, and even young children, have prematurely suffered from excessive loss of hair for a number of health reasons. The reasons are excessive, but two well-known reasons are to do with genetics and extremely high levels of stress and anxiety. It is becoming more widely publicized that natural hair regrowth remedies are far more effective, and healthier to boot, than other tried and tested methods, clinical and surgical mostly.

There is also a lot of detailed information available on the natural ingredients that are required to encourage hair regrowth. The list is extensive. This short article briefly outlines just a few of those important natural ingredients. These are maima, ginseng, angelica, polygonum, pyridoxine and triethanolamine. Triethanolamine is an organic chemical compound that is also included in products that treat ear diseases and infections.

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Maima is a well-known traditional herbal medicine, and it revives activities of mother cell molecules by strengthening the microcirculation of the scalp. Ginseng is already widely known as a natural ingredient in hair tonics and shampoos. Angelica extracts reduce the formation of DHT and are known to curb hair loss and regrow hair. Polygonum multiflorum is better known as the flowery knotweed. It is a widely used herb that rejuvenates the body.

Pyridoxine is just one of the compounds that make up the vitamin B6. It helps to balance sodium and potassium levels and promotes red blood cell production. Triethanolamine can be abbreviated to the acronym of TEOA. It ensures that the scalp’s skin is nourished with healthy pH levels. Fascinating reading so far, one has to agree.

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